About the Artist: Margaret Milligan & Kelly Seacrest

Kelly Seacrest was born and raised in Lincoln, received a BFA from Macalester College, and is now pursuing an art educator teaching certificate at UNL. Her roommate, Margaret Milligan is also a native Lincolnite, and is currently an AmeriCorp member working with the Community CROPS farm program. They like traveling to festivals around Nebraska, playing with their cats, and enjoying the good life.

Check out Kelly's work at: kellyseacrestportfolio.blogspot.com

Artwork Interpretation: "Coyote Country"

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." - Loren Eiesley

From our apartment in the core of Lincoln, we are greeted with immense views of the state Capitol which has been a source of inspiration to study and appreciate the history and unique landscape of Nebraska. The work of Poet, Ecologist, and anthropologist Loren Eiesley has also complimented our interest in the plains and prairies of Nebraska. Our rain barrel tries to capture the feeling of sitting quietly in a prairie, observing and listening.