About the Artist: Kari Sawyer & the Meadow Lane Kindergarteners

We are a class of kindergartners from Meadow Lane Elementary School. Every day we sing, read, skip count, write stories, draw pictures, spell new words, and get smarter! One of our favorite things to do at school is to learn about nature and the earth. We have our own courtyard where we plant flowers, rake leaves, feed the birds, explore the seasons, and learn how to take care of our world. We love to read books in the courtyard, draw on clipboards, and have our parents eat lunch with us outside!

We think it is important to love nature and to make the world a more beautiful and better place. We recycle in our classroom, turn off the lights when we leave the room, reuse old things to make new things, shut off the water as soon as we can, and try our best to make things grow in the courtyard.

Miss Sawyer taught us how rain barrels work and we think it is quite amazing to be able to collect water and use it to help flowers grow! We like the idea of catching rain to save the earth!

Artwork Interpretation: "WOOF, WOOF...MEOW"

Picking a design for our rain barrel was fun, but not easy...five-year-olds like a lot of things and sometimes we vote more than once! We all sketched and colored a design for the rain barrel. Then Miss Sawyer picked 8 designs, we narrowed it down to two, and finally we voted. After a 10-10 tie, Ellie came up with a great idea. We LOVE dogs. We LOVE cats. We LOVE the earth. So we added hearts to our cat and dog design and came up with the rain barrel that we painted. It makes us happy to look at the silly cats and dogs and it makes us happy to make the world a better place to live! We hope it makes you happy, too!