About the Artist: Renee Langan

Renee's purpose for desiring to be involved in the Artistic Rain Barrel Project is that the project allows for the expression and presentation of art in a modest and practical format. Too often art is unavailable to many populations because of its often pretentious nature, separating many who might otherwise have expansive creative ability or appreciation. Renee feels that recognizing art in the every day format and making it accessible to all people is an important step towards recognizing the whole of human potential.

Other rain barrels by this artist:
2014: "Mazingira ya Vipepeo"

Artwork Interpretation: "A Memoir of Life's Flow"

Renee was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Nebraska spending the last 14 years in Lincoln. Growing up in a modest community built along the Cedar River allowed Renee the opportunity to spend many hours dallying along the river's shore. While idling away youth's moments, Renee was also gifted the occasion to meditate the groove of life juxtaposed alongside the river's ponderous flow, seemingly lackadaisical in its intent yet with profound purpose. Renee's piece, "A Memoir of Life's Flow" acts as a representation of this mutual rumination.