About the Artist: Roudabak Mahjoob

My name is Roudabak (Rouda) Mahjoob & I'm originally from Iran (Persia). I have always been interested in drawing & painting since early childhood. I've enjoyed my art classes in elementary & high school. In addition, I've attended summer art classes (drawing, painting & pottery) during middle & high school. I attended art national competitions in my country, Iran and I've won several awards among my colleagues in schools of my home town & also nationally represented my state of origin, Khorasan & won 3rd place in nation. As I was passionate about art, painting & 3D arts like sculpture & pottery, I've attended one of the best art schools in Tehran, Iran. For about 2 years I studied Industrial Design in Azahra University before immigrating to the US.

Though, I've changed my major of studies to nutrition & dietetics, I continue to teach art classes to youth. In 2004, when I moved to Omaha, NE, I displayed my water-color paintings in the main public library in down town Omaha. In addition, I had 2 exhibits at a local art studio & coffee shops. Joining AmeriCorps last September, gave me the opportunity to serve my community and increase my knowledge about the society & participate in variety of community and educational events.

As I have a passion for my community and the environment, I've decided to participate in the Artistic Rain Barrel project to be part of the 'solution' to save our planet.

Artwork Interpretation: "The Beauties of H2O and the Planet!"

To promote recycling, I've used the recycling logo & to focus on natural water resources, I've added the drop of water to the logo. I've added the watering pot as if the recycled/reused water drops to the pot to use for watering plant. Then, I've used the water of the pot, to water the map of the US. The design of a flower, a butterfly, & a honey bee, on the US map was meant to show the meaningful result of reusing the (rain) water for plants.