About the Artist: Theresa Rhodus

Theresa Rhodus is a native Nebraskan and self taught artists. Art has always been part of her life. From having her very own art space as a child, a cupboard in the kitchen for her crayons and coloring books. To teaching special needs kids art and participating in the Bellevue Artists Association today. Art is always a part of her day. She is the 2010 Best of Show winner of the BAA Silver Palette Competition and has received Honorable Mention in the 2010 Association of Nebraska Artists Clubs. She coordinates the BAA's art at the Lied Center in Bellevue and helps with many of the shows the BAA puts on throughout the years.

Check out her work at: theresarhodus.blogspot.com

Artwork Interpretation: "Breaking Through"

Nebraska zoo are some of our states hidden treasures. On one of my visits I encountered a Sea turtle. They play a key role in two ecosystems. In the Ocean they eat seagrass which has to be kept short to thrive. Loss of seagrass would impact both the species living in it and human life. Sea turtle eggs are valuable nutrients for dune vegetation. Vegetation on beaches and dunes are needed to prevent erosion.