About the Artist: Barbara Johnson

Barb Johnson is a native Nebraskan whose artistic endeavors have played a passionate role in her adult life. She has been an art teacher with the Department of Defense Schools (DODDS) in both Germany and the United Kingdom.

She was the West Ruislip American Elementary School art representative for the annual "Young at Art" Exposition for American students from DODDS schools throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

"Being artistic has spilled over into every avenue and aspect of my life," she says.

While Barb primarily loves to draw and paint, she also does calligraphy, stained glass, custom sewing, designing and making soft sculpture toys, building furniture, writes and illustrates children stories, bakes and decorates cakes, pastries and more.

Barbara is currently a nanny which enables her to utilize her Early Childhood/Elementary educational background allowing even more creative opportunities for her young charges, plus the added bonus of keeping young at heart.

Barb is married to Russ Johnson and resides in Lincoln. They have two married sons, Chad and Kim Johnson and granddaughter Sylvie of Lincoln, Nebraska, and Daniel and Candice Johnson, and grandchildren, Haley and Cole and soon will welcome the arrival of another grandson—all of Wichita, Kansas.

Artwork Interpretation: "Peacock in the Garden a.k.a. L.C. Tiffany"

I chose to celebrate L.C. Tiffany whose name became an international synonym for luxury, fine craftsmanship, good design and excellent taste. Tiffany created some of the world's most extraordinary stained glass windows, lamps, and countless priceless objects which were presented to world class leaders and royalty.

I imagined a typical English garden being nourished with that vital collection of rain water, but I wanted to transform the humble rain barrel into a receptacle of grace and elegance, thus, creating a "stained glass rain barrel."

Other rain barrels by this artist:
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