About the Artist: Kendra Suesz

I am a Lincoln native, and recently received my Master of Arts degree in anthropology from the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

I have enjoyed art since a child, and it is one of my regular hobbies. I especially love drawing and painting. I enjoy painting "stuff" such as chairs, bottles, jars, and most recently, rain barrels. I think the Artistic Rain Barrel program is a great way for artists to use a functioning object as a medium to express their creativity, while bettering the environment.

Other rain barrels by this artist:
2011: "Suncatcher Sonata"
2013: "Like it's always been before"
2014: "Guiding Me Home"

Artwork Interpretation: "How Koi"

The focus of the barrel is a tattoo-inspired koi fish. The koi fish is celebrated around the world, and is a staple in many decorative garden ponds. I enjoy that the koi is found in many different varieties, ranging in color and pattern. I wanted the koi to be bright and fun, with an enchanting quality. I used curved and flowing lines for the background to represent that movement of water.