About the Artist: Michelle Liebgott-Osinga

I have lived in Lincoln for 5 years. As a child of dutch immigrants, I lived in California prior to that. I have always been interested in other people, cultures, and of course art. I received my BA in Art and Art History in 2005 from Humboldt State University. While there I mainly focused on Ceramics for the studio portion of my degree. Now I am home full time with my two sons, but I draw, paint, and make clay sculpture whenever I can. My other interests include reading, playing guitar, studying foreign languages, and gardening.

Other rain barrels by this artist:
2014: "Prairie Waters"

Artwork Interpretation: "Fetching Water"

Three women carrying empty pots are walking down to a river to collect water. As humans we are intimately tied to the environment even thought at times it may not be obvious. Although most of us live with water continually available, some people still use primitive ways to collect it. It is important to recognize the source of our vitality and to remember not to take it for granted.

For this painting I used glazing to achieve a sense of depth with the colors.

Compositionally I wanted to address the idea that the painting is on a barrel and not a framed work, so I tried to include elements that would express this.