About the Artist: Ranee Henderson

Ranee Henderson was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2011 she earned her BFA from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. Within her work she "tracks and uncovers the anomalous substances in life, the subtle pluses and minuses that build or bury us." More specifically, Ranee aims to depict an emotional narrative in conjunction with the human figure. She has built up a diverse body of work in: painting, photography, drawing, graphic design, and ceramics. Her art has been exhibited in Canada and the United States.

Artwork Interpretation: "Give What You Get"

The young boy makes his small contribution to a calm pond. Perhaps unknowingly he has created change that, if sustained has the potential to amplify what was once modest into an immense force. The waves continually swell until their growth reaches out to support their champion. The unassuming has become unrelenting, the results of which confirm that even the most modest involvement cannot be discounted. All endeavors begin with a single step.