About the Artist: Robert Chambers

Designer, Illustrator and Professional cartoonist.

Taught theatrical Set Design and Technical Theatre for 29 years at the University of Texas, Austin (6 years), University of Idaho, (Moscow 1) and Southern Methodist University in Dallas for 22 years.

Staff cartoonist for 27 years for KITPLANES magazine. 10 years of Display Design with two firms in Dallas designing convention displays, logos, engineering motorized and hanging displays and as primary designer on the first phase of an Indian Museum...and part-time mural painter.

Artwork Interpretation: "Over the Backyard Fence"

Philosophically: I believe that many people build “fences” to hold the world out and then begin to believe that inside the fence is the entire world. We need to look beyond our fences, take a lesson from nature and try not to screw it up further in the process. Wild animals have a lot that we could learn if we could only stop long enough, look beyond our fences and keep quiet until we can hear the “Still small voice”...