About the Artist: Tom Woods

Tom Woods was born and raised in Lincoln, NE. He is not an artist by trade but one who enjoys creating works of art in his spare time. He studied art history and took sculpting classes during his college years. He and his wife, Marcy, collect art that includes pieces ranging from well-known regional artists to local emerging artists. Tom serves as the Executive Director of Woods Charitable Fund, which provides funding to arts and cultural programs in Lincoln.

Tom dabbles in all sorts of mediums and enjoys participating in Lincoln's community art projects. He created one of the Tour de Lincoln bicycles in 2003 - "Good Morning Sun, Goodnight Moon", which is located in front of the Lincoln Children's Museum. As with that project, Tom takes his inspiration from his three children's favorite books and toys.

Artwork Interpretation: "Barrel O' Rain"

When I think of "barrels," three things come to mind – Niagara Falls, wine and MONKEYS! Playing the childhood game of Barrel of Monkeys seemed so simple yet was so challenging. The clever use of the barrel for the game's packaging and to house those insidious "S"- shaped monkeys was perfection – "form meeting function."

The rain barrel is the same way – housing rainwater until it is ready to be "played" with – be it to water a garden or flower bed, to control run-off and/or to fill water guns!