About the Artist: Tracy Garrett

Tracy Sykes Garrett is a photographer and artist living in Lincoln, Nebraska.

After graduating from Texas Christian University, she spent the following years in Los Angeles assisting photographers and film directors. In 2003 she and her husband made their home in New Orleans. In 2005 she documented Hurricane Katrina and the rebuilding of the Crescent City. Photography exhibits include New Orleans Creative Art Museum, Save our Cemeteries, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation in addition to the books Angels & Goddesses, and Seeking The Light. Other mediums of work include Mardi Gras beads, paint and various recycled items. A true preservationist, her passion is capturing images of architectural treasures on film and finding beauty in the details.

Artwork Interpretation: "Corn de Lis"

The title of the work is 'Corn de Lis'. My interpretation of the classic emblem consists of corn and green husk banded at the base, representing the heraldry of our deep roots with agriculture in the state of Nebraska. The Sower and his successful harvest of the sweet golden corn fuel our pride. Gold represents the generosity of our people. Green symbolizes our hope and joy. Blue represents our truth.