About the Artist: Barb Tisdale & Troop 20154

We are Jessica Tisdale, Emma Brennan, Liz Luebbe, Dale Vanourney, Rowen Satterfield, Briallen Satterfield, Cassidy Bowens, Hailey Bouwens, Keneisha Deans, Isabella Soto, Addie Leddy, Sydney Logan, Hanna Nelson, Emma Gamel, Alexia Gobert, Lucy Lewis, McKayleigh Berlie, Kady McCord, Shayla Cordova and Syndi Jo Raley. We are Girl Scout Troop 20154 from Calvert School and we are 2nd and 3rd graders. Our leaders, who also helped with our rain barrel, are Barb Tisdale, Kari Brennan and Paulette Luebbe.

Artwork Interpretation: "Helping Hands"

We are working on a journey that is teaching all about conserving water and keeping our earth clean and that is why we wanted to paint a rain barrel. We wanted to personalize our rain barrel with our handprints to show we can all make a difference.