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2005 Stormwater Bond Issue


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Virtual Tour Storm Bond Update

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Welcome to a Virtual Tour of stormwater improvements in Lincoln.

During this tour you will see projects funded through the Storm Sewer Bond Issue, approved by voters in 2005. These projects, in different stages of design or construction, are designed to reduce flooding, improve water quality, stabilize degrading streams and protect our infrastructure.

This website tour has a map and list of projects that you can click on to see a description of the project and its status. Some of the projects are being completed in partnership with the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District or the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department. The majority of the projects have photos or other images for you to view, and several also have video clips where the project manager describes the scope of the project, including the problem and the solution.

We're glad that you've joined us today and we hope you enjoy the tour!


2005 Stormwater Bond Issue