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2005 Stormwater Bond Issue: Public Meetings

35th and 'N' Stormwater Bond Project Public Meeting

Join us for an Open House Public Meeting
34th - 38th/'M' & 'N' Streets Storm Bond Project 702192

Tuesday, March 14, 2006
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Redeemer Lutheran Church
Family Educational Center
510 South 33rd Street

Find out about:
• Potential flooding risks
• Stormwater drainage improvements
• Plans for construction this summer

Representatives from the City of Lincoln and consulting engineers, The Schemmer Associates, will be available to explain the proposed project and answer your questions. Please feel free to come and go at your convenience.


The City of Lincoln Public Works Department is designing a stormwater drainage improvement project along 'M' and 'N' streets, between 34th and 38th streets, to reduce the potential for flooding in the area.

The City, along with its design consultant, The Schemmer Associates, has developed this fact sheet to inform you about the project and answer some of your questions.

What is the need for this project?

A study done in 2004 found that there is a risk for flood damage at several locations, most notably between 35th and 'N' streets and 37th and 'M' streets. Stormwater overflow (ponding) gathers in this large area because the existing 50-year-old stormwater inlet system is deficient. The study found that some homes would likely incur damage during a "minor" or five-year storm event, with the risk to additional homes increasing significantly in the event of a more severe storm.

What is the benefit of this project?

When this project is completed the likelihood of stormwater backing up into yards and inundating homes will be reduced. The project will also help to reduce the duration and depth of flooding, lower the potential for property damage, and decrease the frequency of roadway flooding.

Will this project solve all of the drainage problems in the neighborhood?

More than 30 people responded to a survey sent to 90 property owners and residents in November 2005. In addition to several people reporting sewer backups and "ponding" in the streets and yards during storms, about half of the respondents said that water seeps through their foundations. This project will improve street drainage during heavy rainfalls. However, the problem of moisture seeping through foundations can be caused by many factors, such as the age and condition of the home's foundation, and how stormwater in the yard drains away from the house. This project will not eliminate every homeowner problem.

What kind of construction is necessary?

The project will consist mainly of installing new underground drainage pipes where they are needed and constructing larger inlets to collect water flowing from the streets. Most of the proposed construction will occur near the intersection of 35th and 'N' streets and on 'M' Street between 35th and 37th streets. Also, a clay pipe located between two houses may need to be replaced with a concrete pipe just east of the 35th and 'N' Street intersection. The map below shows approximate locations of planned improvements.

How will construction affect me?

The City will work with the contractor to minimize inconvenience. The most critical areas of construction may be closed to through traffic for two weeks, however most residents will be able to access their own driveways. Some on-street parking may be restricted in areas adjacent to construction. Residents will be informed of these inconveniences in advance so any special arrangements can be made.

If you would like to receive project mailings or have specific questions or comments, please contact:

Reggi Carlson
Public Participation Specialist
(402) 488-2500

Curt Weber is the City's project manager and can be contacted at 441-7563.

Will these improvements affect my property taxes?

Neighborhood property owners will not experience any special tax assessment for this project. It is one of several Capital Improvement Projects throughout the City funded by a bond issue passed by voters in May of 2005. Project costs are paid by property taxes collected from the community-at-large.

How can I get additional information about this and other Capital Improvement Projects?

Please join us for the Open House Public Meeting announced in this fact sheet. You may come and go at your convenience. There will be maps showing the precise location of planned improvements, and the project team will be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

When will construction begin and how long will it take?

Plans call for construction to begin sometime during the summer of 2006 and last about six weeks.

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