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2005 Stormwater Bond Issue - BMP Demonstration Projects

Holmes Lake Southwest Tributary Water Quality & Stream Stability

Holmes Lake Southwest Tributary Water Quality & Stream Stability

Lower Platte South Natural Resources District
Contact Person:
Ben Higgins
Type of Project:
Design and Construction
Best Management Practice
This project has been identified for construction to help improve the quality of water flowing in the recently restored Homes Lake. While performing work along the tributary, the City plans to reconstruct the large storm sewer outfall on the east side of Bison Drive. Also as part of the project, the City would like to make improvements to the existing wetland area on the west side of 70th Street.
Note: There is no placement of an icon for this project on the accompanying map.
Project Status:
Construction Complete
Olsson Associates
Lottman Carpenter Construction, Inc.
Prior to Construction:

March 2005
Eroding streambank damaging infrastructure near Antler Dr.

March 2005
Eroding bank near Antler Drive

April 2008
Excavation in progress for wetland

April 2008
Clearing and grubbing for construction
Public Meetings
March 11, 2008: Meeting Notice
May 5, 2007: Meeting Notice
Preliminary Concept Plan (208 K) Acrobat Document
Project Fact Sheet (395 K) Acrobat Document

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