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City of Lincoln
2005 Stormwater Bond Issue

List of Projects

2005 Stormwater Bond Issue Projects

Location ID Project Location
128th and Fair Area Improvements
269th and Walker Area Improvements
3South Gate and Pioneers Area Improvements
435th and 'N' Area Improvements
545th and Ginny Area Improvements
638th and Sewell Area Improvements
739th and 'D' Area Improvements
89th and 'N' Box Culvert Rehabilitation
917th and Washington Area Improvements
104th and Hill Channel Grading
1150th and 'R' Area Improvements
1222nd and 'X' Area Improvements
1321st Street Stormwater Bypass System
1422nd and 'O' Area Storm Drain Reconstruction
15Deadmans Run Channel Rehabilitation
16Antelope Creek Tributary in Antelope Park
17Floodplain/Floodprone Area Projects:
  1. Remapping of Salt Creek
  2. Lynn Creek Flood Control and Flood Storage Area
  3. Floodplain Area Purchase
18Watershed Master Plans:
  1. Cardwell Branch Master Plan
  2. Little Salt Creek Master Plan
  3. Deadmans Run Master Plan
19Watershed Master Plan Implementation Projects:
  1. Peterson Park Wetland
  2. Beal Slough Stream Stability East of 56th
  3. Southeast Upper Salt Creek Stream Stability
  4. Stevens Creek Stream Stability Main Stem
  5. Stevens Creek Stream Stability North of 84th & Fletcher
  6. Southeast Upper Salt Creek Floodplain Preservation
  7. Beal Slough Flood Storage
  8. Beal Slough at 40th and Highway 2
20Best Management Practice Projects
  1. Best Management Practice Demonstration Projects
  2. Stormwater Facility Demonstration Projects
21Engineering Identification & Prioritization Study
22Miscellaneous Repair & Rehabilitation Projects:
  1. Miscellaneous Projects
  2. Brentwood Estates

2005 Stormwater Bond Issue