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2007 Stormwater Bond Issue: Watershed Master Plan Implementation Projects

27th and Southwood

27th and Southwood Area Improvements

Lower Platte South Natural Resources District
Parks and Recreation Dept.
Contact Person:
Holly Lionberger
Type of Project:
Design and Construction
Stream Stability
This purpose of this project is to address the stream bank instability along Beal Slough from 27th St to Southwood Drive. The stream bank of Beal Slough in this area has near vertical sides and the stream is encroaching further into Peterson Park. The instable stream banks in this area also lead to tree loss and large amounts of sediment being deposited in Beal Slough. The result of this project will stabilize the stream banks such that the stream will no longer encroach upon the park space, alleviate loss of trees and improve water quality in Beal Slough by prevent further degradation of the stream banks. This project is being led by Public Works and is a joint project with the Lower Platte South NRD and the Parks Department.
Project Status:
Substantially Complete
Lottman Excavating
Map of Project:

2007 Stormwater Bond Issue Projects