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2007 Stormwater Bond Issue

List of Projects

2007 Stormwater Bond Issue Projects

Location ID Project Location
139th and 'D' Area Improvements
248th and Holdrege Area Improvements
3Potter and Grace Area Improvements
451st and Hillside Area Improvements
5Ginny and Gertie Area Improvements
653rd and Sumner/Circle Drive Area Improvements
721st from 'P' to 'N' Area Improvements
8'O' from 21st to 23rd Area Improvements
92nd from 'N' to 'O' Area Improvements
106th and Old Cheney Area Improvements
11Miscellaneous Repairs and Rehabilitation
12Prelimiary Engineering
13GIS Database
14Preliminary Engineering for Watershed Master Plans
15Conservation Easement Native Vegetation
16Beal Slough Flood Protection at 14th and Hwy. 2
17Beal Slough Flood Protection at 40th and Hwy. 2
1827th and Southwood Area Improvements
19Tierra/Briarhurst Park Water Quality
20Upper Beal Slough Flood Protection
2198th and Adams Area Improvements
2298th and Van Dorn Area Improvements
23Cardwell Branch and Deadman's Run Preliminary Engineering
24Stormwater Demonstration Projects
25Easement/Acquisition - Floodplain Area Purchase Projects
26Lynn Creek Flood Control/Storage Area
27Salt Creek Flood Control Study
28Taylor Park Water Quality and Stream Stability

2007 Stormwater Bond Issue