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Clean Water Program

Charge Statement

Clean Water Task Force
Charge Statement

The goal of the Mayor's Clean Water Task Force is to formulate recommendations for post-construction best management practices (BMPs) for new development and redevelopment projects by August 2012. These recommendations should aim to address both the increased pollutant loads to local water ways as a result of urbanization as well as the increased quantity of water delivered to a water body during a storm event. It is important to also consider business, environmental and neighborhood interests, recognizing the need to sustain long-term economic and development opportunities in the City of Lincoln.

Post-construction BMPs are implemented to prevent flooding, reduce erosion and sedimentation, increase base flows in streams, filter impurities in stormwater runoff to decrease pollutant levels, reduce algae blooms in water bodies, support riparian and aquatic habitats, promote biodiversity, provide open space and areas for outdoor recreation, promote sustainability and increase aesthetics.

Federal and State Law require that the City of Lincoln:

  1. Develop and implement strategies which include structural and non-structural best management practices;
  2. Have an ordinance or other regulatory mechanism requiring the implementation of post-construction runoff controls;
  3. Ensure adequate long term operation and maintenance of controls; and
  4. Determine the appropriate best management practices and goals for a post-construction stormwater program.

The objective of the Mayor's Clean Water Task Force is to formulate recommendations for a Post-Construction Program that meet the requirements set forth above.


Clean Water Program