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Watershed Education: Artistic Rain Barrel Program

About the Artist: Friend Public Schools Art Instructor, Greg Holdren, "Water, the World's Greatest Resource"

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About the Artist
Friend Public Schools Art Instructor, Greg Holdren

Friend, Nebraska, population 1,100, lies 55 miles west of Lincoln on Highway 6.

At Friend Schools, all grades, K-12, are housed in one building. The art classes at all of these grade levels meet in the same room, making it easy to coordinate multi-grade level projects like the painting of this rain barrel.

We are building a new addition to the school and welcome everyone check out our school and community. We offer affordable housing, a peaceful life, and easy access to the rest of the world.

Artwork Interpretation
"Water, the World's Greatest Resource"

Location: Sunrise Coffee Co., 1265 S Cotner Blvd.

Students have painted themselves onto the beach and into different depths of water, involved in a range of activities associated with the wonders of water.

We present a student level view of the importance, beauty, and entertaining possibilities of our world's most important natural resource.


Watershed Education: 2010 Artistic Rain Barrel Program