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Watershed Education: Artistic Rain Barrel Program

About the Artist: Dane Stahr, "Rain Makes Corn"

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About the Artist
Dane Stahr

I was born and raised in Lincoln. Currently I am an 18-year-old senior at Lincoln Lutheran High School, where I play soccer, run cross country and take art classes. I am also a member of Skills USA - Nebraska, where I will be competing in the Advertising Design Competition at the State Conference in April. I have been a self-taught airbrush artist since the age of 14. I tend to paint on some very different objects, though a rain barrel is by far the biggest. I plan to pursue art in the future by majoring in Graphic Design at Concordia University in Seward, NE. Graffiti and the urban side of art has always been my inspiration! I try to be versatile... I don't like to limit my art to solely a paintbrush.

Artwork Interpretation
"Rain Makes Corn"

Location: West Gate Bank, 8400 Eagle Crest Rd.

Nebraska relies so heavily on the corn and soybean productions throughout the state. Shockingly enough, crops don't really like to grow without water! Since water helps the growth of corn and soybeans, the livestock farmers of Nebraska are directly benefited. The feed that they give to their livestock is a mixture of those Nebraska grown crops. Healthy fields mean healthy animals... (as well as happy farmers!) And besides... we ARE the Cornhuskers!


Watershed Education: Artistic Rain Barrel Program