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Watershed Education: 2012 Artistic Rain Barrel Program

About the Artist: Jessica Lynn, "Zen & Now"

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About the Artist
Jessica Lynn

I enjoyed painting this with the help of my wee-one Maya Rae. I was inspired by her childlike simplicity and hope others enjoy this as well. In my career life I am a photographer, hold a space at Gallery 9, donate photos to non-profit organizations and also teach yoga, practice Ayurveda and love local organic foods, this community and my amazing family—SHANTI.

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Artwork Interpretation
"Zen & Now"

Location: Trader Joe's, 3120 Pine Lake Rd

There are two sides; one is day and the other night. On the evening portion there is a large tree with roots that coil into inspiring words. In the ocean there is a great blue whale and above it a wolf howling by mountain peaks. On the flipside there are two cranes passing the bold the sun and below two playful Koi fish encircling each other in a dance.


Watershed Education: 2012 Artistic Rain Barrel Program