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Rain to Recreation


Rain to Recreation

Reduced Flood Damages

  • Stormwater storage projects to hold back stormwater during flood events
  • Floodplain conservation to protect natural flood storage and conveyance areas
  • Public-private partnerships to increase flood storage.

Improving Water Quality

  • Preservation and enhancements of stream buffers to filter stormwater
  • Protection of streams and lakes through use of wetlands to filter sediments and pollutants
  • Projects to restore degraded stream channels
  • Grasslands and buffer strips in upland parks or open space to help filter pollutants from stormwater runoff

Recreation and Education

  • Playing fields in low-lying areas that double as flood storage areas during large storms
  • Water-oriented recreation opportunities
  • Trails within stream buffers to connect parks and neighborhoods
  • "Outdoor classrooms" and environmental education opportunities
  • Bird watching and other passive recreation opportunities

Natural Areas and Greenspace

  • Conservation of greenspaces that contribute to a high quality of life
  • Protection of habitat

Rain to Recreation