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Rain to Recreation Projects

Larson Park

Rain to Recreation Projects
Larson Park

Type of Project:

Storm Drainage


This project will address stream bank erosion issues and a damaged concrete flow liner along a branch of Beal Slough that meanders through Larson Park. The project begins near Boeckner Ave. and ends at the convergence of the branch of Beal Slough and the main channel. The project will consist of removing the existing concrete liner, and replacing it with a series of water quality ponds. The ponds reduce stream velocities, which cause erosion, and also remove pollutants from stormwater runoff. This project is in the 100 year floodplain, but was not designed or constructed to address flooding issues.

Project Status:


Construction Start Date:

July 2005

Construction Completion Date:

November 2005



• January 2003 • Larson Park, looking north to S 53rd, N side Hwy. 2 - failing concrete ditch liner and eroded banks


• June 2006 • Larson park, same location after construction - failing concrete liner replaced by water quality pond area
• June 2006 •  

Rain to Recreation Projects