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Watershed Management
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When it rains in Lincoln, stormwater flows into drainage inlets, gutters and underground pipes before reaching Salt Creek, which drains into the Platte River. Rain that falls on hard surfaces like rooftops and parking lots can carry pollutants into our streams and lakes. Lincoln occasionally gets more rain than the storm drain system or streams can handle, and we see flooding.

The City is required by the federal government to implement programs to help reduce stormwater pollutants in local waterways. The Watershed Management Division of the City Public Works and Utilities Department works to manage stormwater, reduce flood hazards and improve water quality. The Division finds ways to fix existing drainage problems and to prevent drainage and pollution problems in new areas. Partnering with other agencies, the division also provides public education; programs to clean up pollutants; sediment and erosion control programs to keep mud and dirt out of the storm drain system; and the inspection of neighborhood ponds to make sure they continue to prevent flooding.

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