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Watershed Stormwater Master Plans: Antelope Creek Watershed Basin Management Plan

Public Participation - Open House #1

Open House #1 - Thursday, September 30, 2010
Charles H. Gere Library
2400 South 56th Street (56th & Normal)
5 to 7:30 pm (20 minute presentations at 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm)

Open discussions with City and NRD staff and the scientists and engineers working on the Basin Plan to improve water quality in Antelope Creek.

Open House Summary

A key component to the success of the Basin Plan is public input and education. The project overall will include four newsletters, Advisory Council meetings, stakeholder meetings, a website, and interest group meetings focusing on neighborhood associations and commercial property owners. The first of two open houses was held September 30, 2010, with nearly 100 people in attendance; the final Open House is anticipated for July 2011. Below are a few questions from those attending with corresponding answers from the first Open House meeting:

Q: How can an individual property owner have a positive impact on the watershed?
A: Individuals can do simple things like using a non-phosphorus fertilizer, sweeping excess fertilizer from sidewalks and driveways, and picking up pet waste InterLinc Site. If a lot of property owners each do a little, there will be a positive impact on the basin with improved water quality.
Q: How will projects identified in the Basin Plan be funded?
A: City of Lincoln Storm Bonds, Lower Platte South NRD Funds, and grants received from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality are key funding sources.
Q: Will this Basin Plan eliminate flooding issues in the Antelope Creek?
A: The Basin Plan focuses on improving water quality, not reducing flooding impacts. Numerous other plans completed by the City and NRD have focused on flood control.


Eldon Ogorzolka won a rain barrel at the open house, provided by the City of Lincoln.

Open House Presentation (5.66 M) PDF Document

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