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City of Lincoln
Watershed Management


Antelope Park Water Quality Projects
Water quality features included in the project are bioretention cells and swales, pervious pavement, amended soils, a "green roof" and a rainwater harvesting cistern. The project also includes educational components.
EPA Technical Assistance Project (54 K) PDF Document
In October 2013, EPA selected the City of Lincoln to receive targeted technical assistance to support the expanded use of green infrastructure.
Grants and Cost-Share Programs
Two cost-share programs are currently available for property owners: Antelope Park Sub-Basin Water Quality Project (limited to properties within the Antelope Park Sub-Basin) and Landscape Water Quality Project (applications will be accepted when funds become available).
Mayor's Floodplain Task Force
The goal of the Mayor's Floodplain Task Force is to formulate recommendations regarding the development of permanent floodplain standards that address the natural functions of floodplains and reduction of future flooding hazards in Lincoln and Lancaster County, while being sensitive to business, environmental and neighborhood interests and recognizing the need to sustain long-term economic development opportunities.
Meetings and Events
Rain to Recreation Projects
Rain to Recreation is a watershed approach to reduce flooding, protect water quality and natural areas, and provide for recreational and educational opportunities.
Stormwater Bond Projects
Prioritization Methodology

Watershed Management