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June 2004 - Mud in the Street, What's the Problem?

Mud in the Street, What's the Problem?

The building activity in Lincoln has increased over the last couple of years, in part due to low interest rates. Everything affiliated with building new homes has also increased; the demand for available builders, the rapid completion schedules to complete homes, and the amount of mud tracked off of constructions sites and onto City streets.

In Lincoln, mud tracking from construction sites has become a larger issue than in the past. This is due to more construction, less experienced builders, new federal requirements, and the public being more aware that mud in the street is a problem.

New federal regulations require that the City of Lincoln have ordinances and staff to deal with the mud in the street and other stormwater related issues. The City is reviewing current ordinances relative to providing more efficient sediment and erosion control guidance, compliance and enforcement.

One of the typical responses City staff receives when addressing this issue is "Mud in the street. What's the problem?". Other responses (we can print) include:

Actually, the rain does impact the mud in the street. It carries the mud or dirt to the nearest stream, lake or neighborhood stormwater detention pond. Here it can cause problems that are significantly more expensive to correct than if it had been cleaned up or kept off of the street correctly. Home owners and business owners are then left to deal with this issue, that many times they didn't create.

Mud in the street is also a safety issue. Vehicles driving on streets with mud can have a difficult time stopping. Persons working at these sites also are at risk.

What can you do to keep your site in compliance and avoid potential warning or notice letters, fines, bills, and other legal actions? Listed below are some fairly simple things that can be done:

The City will be providing additional articles in upcoming months to address sediment and erosion control issues in Lincoln. If you have questions about this subject please contact Gary Lacy of Public Works and Utilities at 441-4957.

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