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Erosion and Sediment Control

Construction Activity Erosion and Sediment Control Requirements

Construction Activity Erosion and Sediment Control Requirements

These regulations shall apply to all construction activity within the corporate limits of the City of Lincoln and the land outside of the corporate limits designated as Tier I InterLinc Site in the Lincoln City/Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan (Lincoln Municipal Code, Section 28.01.20 InterLinc Site).

What is Required?

Ordinances and Design Standards

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Title 26, Lincoln Subdivision Ordinance

26.07 - Definitions
26.07.085 - Construction Activity • 26.07.137 Permit in Conformance with Chapter 28.01 • 26.07.138 Person • 26.07.164 Stop Work Order • 26.07.166 Storm Drainage System • 26.07.168 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
26.11 - Procedures for Processing Subdivisions
26.11.038 - Authority to Proceed with Improvements
26.15 - Preliminary Plat
26.23 - Development Standards
26.23.190 - Land Grading
26.24 - Floodplain Regulation for New Growth Areas
26.25 - Floodplain Regulations for Existing Urban Areas
26.27 - Minimum Improvements
26.27.060 - Land Preparation and Grading
26.31 - Enforcement
26.31.040 - Sediment in the Public Right-of-Way, Notice to Remove; Penalty

Title 27, Lincoln Zoning Ordinance

27.52 - Flood Regulation for Existing Urban Areas
27.53 - Flood Regulation for New Growth Areas

Title 28, Stormwater Quality and Erosion and Sediment Control

28.01 - Regulations for Construction Site Discharges

Erosion and Sediment Control

Section 2.05 - Lincoln Design Standards, Erosion and Sediment Control
Section 11 - Erosion and Sediment Control
Chapter 9 - Drainage Criteria Manual, Erosion and Sediment Control

Erosion and Sediment Control