Homeowner Electrical Permit

Needing to do electrical work for your home remodel?  Adding a light or changing the location of switch?  Rewiring a subpanel?  Adding a new breaker or modifying a circuit?  You need to apply for a permit to meet our community’s standards as defined in the Lincoln Municipal Code.

Apply for Homeowner Electrical Permit

Step 1.Review the requirements

Only the owner of the residence can apply for the permit.  You must presently reside in the detached single-family dwelling.  The house cannot be in the process of being prepared for sale, not a rental property, or for intended use for becoming a rental property. 

Permits are valid for 90 days from issuance.  You can extend the time by written request to the Building and Safety department and attention the request to Chief Electrical Inspector. 

All code requirements for electrical permits are available in Chapter 23.10 ELECTRICAL CODE

For help with understanding these requirements, give us a call at the number at 402-441-7521 and ask to speak to our Chief Electrical Inspector.

Homeowners must hire a licensed electrical contractor to obtain the permit to perform the following work:

Newly constructed residences

The installation of Service equipment of any type including temporary services, repairs, replacements, and upgrades of existing equipment.  This includes panels, main breakers, meters, risers, service conduits, re-attachments, and repairs of the same.

Any Alternative energy systems including but not limited to generators, wind systems, and solar systems.

Swimming pools, hot tubs, and any construction associated with same.

All wiring to be done in an attached residence such as townhouse, condominium, or duplex or multi-family. 

Step 2.Make sure you have time to apply

This application will take about 35 minutes once you've gathered the required information and submit your application. You can save your application and resume later if you need more time.

You will need to create an account at Citizen Access as a homeowner. 

Step 3.Submit your application

Apply Now

Are you needing the legal address? Use the County Assessor's SiteIs your project in a commercial building or shared property space? Use the GIS Map.

Step 4.Make your payment

You can pay online through Citizen Access

All permits will have a minimum $35 fee. Additional fees may apply. The $35 charge will cover a certified inspector to come out to inspect the work that has been completed.

Having trouble navigating to pay?  Visit our Citizen Access Information page.

Step 5.Schedule an inspection

The permit issued must be inspected before any work is concealed and inspected when the installation of the work completed.  You are able to schedule an inspection through Citizen Access or calling the 24 -hour inspection line at 402-441-5999.  Please have your permit number, date for inspection, and access instruction if necessary. 

Failure to submit satisfactory information or violating the above statements is sufficient grounds to void a permit already issued or to refuse issuance of a plumbing or gas piping permit to a homeowner. 

Non-compliance with the codes may result in a reinspection fee.  

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