Solar PV Residential Requirements for Streamlined Review

General and Eligibility

The City of Lincoln encourages the installation of solar energy systems by offering streamlined permit review and inspection services. Small solar photovoltaic (PV) systems 25 kW AC or less on rooftops of single family or duplex homes are eligible for a streamlined permitting process. This process allows for use of standard electrical plans and structural engineering evaluation criteria. Permits are processed in 3 business days or less if submitted electronically or over-the-counter at the Development Services Center.

Submittal Requirements

Refer to the PV System Checklist and follow the instructions.

Electronic permit submissions can be made through the Citizen Access system.


Once all permits to construct the solar PV system have been issued and the system has been installed, it must be inspected before final approval is granted to operate the system. Inspections can be scheduled through the Citizen Access or by calling 402-441-5999. Note that additional coordination and approvals are required through Lincoln Electric System as detailed in the PV System Checklist.