Citizen Access Information

Please see below for registering for a new account, submitting a permit or scheduling an inspection using Citizen Access.


New Account

Step 1.Navigate to Citizen Access

Login to Citizen Access

Step 2.Register Now

Click on the Register Now button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

ACA Registration 1

Step 3.Continue Registration

After reviewing the Account Registration information and reading the General Disclaimer, click on the check box next to accept the terms online access to Accela Citizen Access and click the Continue Registration button to continue the registration process.

ACA Registration 2

Step 4.Required Information

Fill out the registration form with the required information.  Fields marked with an * are required and must be completed to continue.  Click the Continue Registration button to finish the registration process.

ACA Registration 3

Step 5.Contact Type

Click the Add New Button under Contact Information and selection Licensed Professional as the Contact Type. NOTE FOR RESDIENTS: Residents would select owner.

ACA Registration 4

Step 6.Complete Contact Information Page

Complete the Contact Information Page and click continue.

ACA Registration 4

Step 7.Complete the Process

Click the Continue Registration button to complete the process.

ACA Registration 5

You are now ready to start submitting permits, scheduling inspections and paying online.

Citizen Access

Submit Permits

Step 1.Login

Log into the Citizen Access page.

Permits 1

Step 2.Access the Building tab 

Click the Building tab to access the permits page. 

Permits 2

Step 3.General Disclaimer

The next screen will appear with a disclaimer.  Please check the box and click on Continue Application button to move forward in the process.

Permits 3

Step 4.License Selection

Select a License from the drop down.

Permits 4

Step 5.Permit Selection 

Select the type of permit.  To check if address is within city limits use Lancaster County 3 and 8 Mile Map (If you need help with this process we have a document to walk you through the process upon request)

Permits 5  

Step 6.Fill in Location

Fill in the address field’s street number and street name.  For example, your address is 555 S 10th Street, Suite 203.  You would only enter 555 for the street number and 10th for the street name.  If you’re having trouble locating the address, use the percentage sign (%).  For example, you live on Sioux street.  You can enter it as Si% and select the Search button to pull the address. 

Permits 6

Accela will pull the information in the other sections.  If entered correctly the parcel number will auto fill.  If you need to find the parcel number, it can be found on the County Assessor’s site. 

Permits 7

The owners name will auto fill.  If it doesn’t, use the County Assessor’s site to enter the information. 

Permits 8

Step 7.Applicant>Licensed Professional

Choose select from account and the applicant information will autofill or verify that the correct licensed professional is listed.

Permits 9

Step 8.General Info

Enter in a detail instruction for the permit. Include Owners name & contact number in description.

Permits 10

Step 9.Project Information>Details

Enter the details for the project in the appropriate fields. Select Continue Application button.

Permits 11

Step 10.Project Information>Documents

Some projects may require documents.  When you have questions about required plans, please call Plan Review at 402-441-7882.  Convert the plans, impact fee applications, curb cuts, etc. into a PDF form and upload it to your permit by selecting Add. Select Continue Application button.

Permits 12.png

Locate the file needed and select Add again.  If you select the wrong one, click Remove All. 

Permits 13.png

Step 11.Review

Review your application for the correct information.  Please make sure you have the correct contact information for your permit.  Select Continue Application button.

Permits 14.png

Step 12.Pay Fees

Review preliminary fees, total fees will be displayed on the next screen. Select Continue Application button.

Permits 15  

Review Amount to be charged and enter in payment information.  Select Submit Payment button.

Permits 16

Step 13.Record Issuance

You will receive a record issuance notice once submitted. Your record number will start with the letter ‘M’.

Permits 17




Schedule Inspection

Step 1.Login

Login to Citizen Access

Permits 1


Step 2.Building Tab

Click the building tab

Inspection 1

Step 3.Find a Record for the Inspection

Click Schedule an Inspection

Inspection 1

Fill in information to search for the record you want

Inspection 12.PNG

Note: If you previously applied for the permit, it should be listed below. Alternatively, you can search for the permit by Address, Parcel #, or Permit Number. Click on the permit # you want to schedule an inspection for to continue the process.

Step 4.Schedule or Request Inspection 

Once you have found the record, scroll down to the section for Inspections. Click on the Schedule or Request Inspection link and select the type of inspection you want to schedule.

Inspection 4

Step 5. Select Type of Inspection

Select the type of Inspection you need, then click continue

Inspection 6

Step 6.Select Date for the Inspection

Select a date for the Inspection, then click continue

Inspection 7

Step 7.Select time for the Inspection

Select a time for the inspection, then click continue

Inspection 8

Step 8.Confirm Your Information

You will be asked to confirm the address and contact information. If everything looks correct, click the Continue button.

Inspection 9

You will be asked to confirm the date and time of the requested inspection.

Inspection 10

Step 9.Complete Scheduling

Click the finish button and your all scheduled!