Online Submittal File Naming Requirements

Each electronic file uploaded as part of an online building permit application should follow the file naming requirements shown in the table below. In the table below, “Address” refers to the site address of the proposed construction. If an address is not currently assigned to a property, please contact the Building and Safety Plan Review section to establish the address. A site plan and legal description will be required to establish a new address. Electronic files that do not meet these requirements will result in a failed prescreen review and will need to be resubmitted with the proper file names.

Applications & Forms Electronic File Name
All Electronic Applications/Forms Address-form type.pdf
Curb Cut Application 14265CastleDr-CurbCut.pdf
Neb. Energy Code Certification 14060ConundrumSt-EnergyCert.pdf
Commercial Plan Sets > 20 Sheets – Multiple eFiles Page # Prefix Electronic File Name Additional Comments
General Plans G Address-General-Plans.pdf General Notes, Cover Sheet, Index Sheet, etc.
Civil Plans C Address-Civil-Plans.pdf Site Plan, Grading, Landscape, Paving, etc.
Erosion Control Plans ES Address-ES-Plans.pdf
Life Safety/Egress Plans LS Address-LS-Plans.pdf
Demolition Plans D Address-Demo-Plans.pdf
Architectural Plans A Address-Arch-Plans.pdf
Structural Plans S Address-Struct-Plans.pdf
Electrical Plans E Address-Elec-Plans.pdf
Plumbing Plans P Address-Plbg-Plans.pdf
Mechanical Plans M Address-Mech-Plans.pdf
Outdoor Lighting Plans OL Address-OL-Plans.pdf
Civil Plan Set 14229ShavanoBlvd-Civil-Plans.pdf
Architectural Plan Set 14155TabeguachePkwy-Arch-Plans.pdf
Residential and Commercial PlanSets < 20 Sheets– Single eFile Sheet # Prefix Electronic File Name
Single Electronic File Plan Set See Above Address-PlanSet.pdf
Residential Building Permit 14255LongsPeakLn-PlanSet.pdf
Comm Bldg. Permit < 20 Sheets 14005MtHolyCrossDr-PlanSet.pdf


All plans must be drawn to scale, and each sheet should indicate what scale was used. When more than one scale is used on a sheet for multiple details, independent graphic scales must accompany each detail. Each sheet in a plan set must have a space reserved for City approval stamps that measures 4”x4” and is generally located at the lower right corner of each sheet.