Fire Alarm Permit

All applications are submitted through PDF forms.

Before you start the permitting process, please be prepared to electronically upload plans and any supporting information.  Not providing necessary attachments will delay the permitting process.  


Submit a Fire Alarm Permit


Step 1.Review the requirements

Fire Alarm Installers (electrical contractors) are licensed through the Nebraska State Electrical Division and will be responsible to hold the insurance for a permit submittal.  Fire Alarm Inspectors are licensed through the Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Applicable codes can be found on the City of Lincoln’s website. By completing the permitting process, it is agreed that all rules, regulations, and ordinances of the City of Lincoln, now in effect, will be complied with, and that the installation will be made in accordance with all applicable fire system regulations and the appropriate NFPA standards.

For help with the code specific concerns, please contact the Fire Plan Reviewer at (402) 441-6440.

For assistance on the permitting process itself, please contact a permit assistant at (402) 441-7521.

Step 2.Make sure you have time to apply

The permitting process will take approximately 15 minutes once you have gathered the required information. You can save your application and resume later if you need more time.  

Step 3.Submit your application

Apply Now(PDF, 154KB)

Step 4.Make your payment

Building and Safety will contact you via email with payment instruction.  All fees must be received before your permit can be reviewed by a plan reviewer.

You can pay online through Citizen Access

Having trouble navigating to pay? Navigate to our Citizen Access Information page.

Step 5.Schedule an inspection

The permit issued must be inspected before any work is concealed and inspected when the installation of the work completed.  Scheduling an inspection can be done through Citizen Access or by calling the 24 -hour inspection line at 402-441-5999.  Please have your permit number, date for inspection, and access instruction if necessary. 

Failure to submit satisfactory information or violating the above statements is sufficient grounds to void a permit already issued or to refuse issuance of a permit to an applicant.

Non-compliance with the codes may result in a reinspection fee.

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