Contractors Bond and Insurance

Step 1.Insurance & Bond

  • All contractors pulling permits will be required to provide a copy of their certificate of liability insurance (COI) to the Building and Safety Department. In addition to the COI, we will be requesting an endorsement page verifying the city of Lincoln is covered by additionally insured.
  • Plumbing contractors who do any type of digging, excavating, or working in the public right of away are required to provide a license and permit bond. The bond must include
    • A raised seal
    • Signature from both insurance company and contractor
    • The power of attorney
  • Additional information can be found under Contractor Bond, Insurance and Registration Requirements.

Step 2.Registered Contractors

  • If you are a new contractor or needing to update information, please use our contractor form.  A copy of the form will be provided to both the application and our processing team.  Once it is received, we will start processing the application.  
  • Please review our Plumbing Registered Trade Professionals document below for a refresher on expiration dates.

Plumbing-Registered-Trade-Professionals.xlsx(XLSX, 65KB)