We will be the primary City agency that coordinates and manages the annual and long term financial planning processes in a manner that facilitates the best decision making of the allocation of resources City-wide.


We will be the trusted and unbiased facilitator for the exchange of information among elected officials, City departments and the public to allow them to make the best decisions possible; insure that all legal requirements and policy directives regarding the City budget are met; make recommendations for controlling costs, allocating resources and enhancing revenues; prepare presentations and other materials used to explain the City budget.

Strategic Goals

  • Educate Budget office customers and ourselves about current and future budget issues, including legal requirements.
  • Construct and maintain a budget process that meets the needs of our customers.
  • Participate in implementation of the new financial system to ensure that weaknesses of the old system are corrected and the new system is utilized to maximum advantage.
  • Prepare quality materials to present the budget to the media, public, and City Council to enhance the likelihood of those groups supporting the budget.
  • Make accurate and supportable revenue estimates.
  • Identify and research acceptable alternatives for controlling costs and enhancing revenues.
  • Actively recruit qualified minority and physically challenged individuals when openings occur within the Budget Division.