40th Street from Yankee Hill Road to Rokeby Road

Paving Project

Updated March 2021

As a part of the City’s commitment in the Wilderness Heights – S 40th St. & Yankee Hill Rd. annexation agreement of December 2008, this project will pave South 40th Street from Yankee Hill Road to Rokeby Road. This project will promote private sector investment into the community by helping serve 489 approved additional dwelling units plus sizable commercial space of potentially over 600,000 square feet through improving safety and capacity of the transportation system. The typical section for South 40th Street is one lane in each direction with raised center median. There are two roundabout intersections planned at Prairie Wind Rd. and Rokeby Road. The intersection at Hohensee Dr. will be stop-controlled or signalized, depending on which is warranted.

A fourth roundabout at Wilderness Hills Blvd. will be constructed in 2021 as part of a separate project.

Funding Details

The City already has several annexation agreements with developers regarding new streets in “growth” areas. The total project estimate is $8,245,000, which will be funded locally via Developer Loan/Directed Impact Fees.


This project is currently in design. Construction would need to be coordinated with other area projects.

Access During Construction

S. 40th Street is expected to be closed to through traffic for the duration of construction. Access to individual properties will be maintained.

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