Adams Street from 36th Street to 49th Street

Street Rehabilitation Project

March 2020

Purpose and Need

The purpose of this project is to preserve and extend the service life of existing facilities and enhance safety by using safety conscious design. The improvements would satisfy existing and future traffic needs and conditions in a manner conducive to safety, durability, and economy of maintenance. The need of the project is to address substandard curb and pavement conditions; narrow pavement; substandard curb ramps; substandard inlet tops; and appropriate pedestrian crossing devices.

Scope of Work

This project would rehabilitate approximately 1 mile of Adams Street between 36th and 500’ east of 48th (end of concrete section). This project would consist of a mill and overlay of the asphalt section and pavement repair in the concrete section as well as base repairs as needed. It would reconstruct pedestrian ramps as necessary to meet federal and local standards and would also reconstruct substandard inlet tops and curb and gutter. It may need to be widened to meet Nebraska minimum design standards. The project would analyze the pedestrian crossing near 46th Street which may result in the removal of the pedestrian signal.

  • Project Area

Right of Way

Acquisition of right-of-way is not anticipated for this project.

Project Schedule


The City is in the process of selecting a consultant for design of this project. Design is anticipated to begin in fall of 2020.


Construction is tentatively planned to occur in late spring and summer 2023 and be completed in fall 2023. Construction phasing will be determined during the design phase.

Project Contacts

Please contact the City of Lincoln with any questions, comments, or concerns you would like to share regarding the proposed project.

  • Craig Aldridge, Design Project Manager

    City of Lincoln, LTU Project Delivery
    Engineering Design Section
    Phone: 402-416-5349