“R” from 48th to Cotner - Street Improvements

Project Summary

Lincoln on the Move is investing in improvements to approximately two-thirds of a mile of “R” Street from 48th Street to Cotner Boulevard. These improvements include pavement repair, removal and replacement of pavement, base repairs or replacement, public utility adjustments, and inlet top, curb and median repairs or replacement. A single-lane roundabout is proposed to replace the existing signals at 56th and “R” streets, and a four-way stop control is proposed for the intersection of Cotner Boulevard and “R” Street. Additional work with other funding sources includes pedestrian curb ramp reconstruction to comply with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Project Location

Project Funding


Construction is anticipated to take place in the 2024 construction season.

Access During Construction

Full closures of “R” Street and 56th Street will be required during construction. The traveling public is encouraged to find alternative routes and to use the WAZE app for assistance.

Access to sidewalks and the on-street bike facility may be restricted during construction of the street or sidewalk curb ramps. One sidewalk path will remain open at all times during construction.

Bus route #44 will be impacted during construction of this project. Alternative routes and pick-up/drop-off locations will be coordinated with StarTran.

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