System Optimization

This program component focuses on optimization of transportation system assets owned, maintained, and operated by Lincoln Transportation. This funding supports the administration's vision of a Strong and Resilient City.   The activities include program management and engineering studies to create a safe, effective, and efficient transportation system along with implementation of intersection safety and operational improvements, signal system optimization, increasing the capacity of streets (widening), structures within the built environment, turn lanes, complete streets concepts, active transportation deployment, and technology enhancements. The project efforts include street and intersection modifications, traffic control, roundabouts, new signal system hardware, adding lanes to existing streets, modification of existing lanes to improve safety and operations, street access improvements, mobility improvements, signing and markings, and transportation system management infrastructure. Construction and deployments are typically focused within the built environment.

Old Cheney resurfaced

Future projects and programs include, but are not limited to:

Funding Information

Transportation System Optimization is funded by the Construction fund portion of the Street Improvement Vehicle Tax (aka - Wheel Tax); Highway Allocations Funds received from the State of Nebraska (consists of Motor Fuel Taxes, Registrations, Sales Tax, and Build Nebraska Act); Federal Aid in the form of Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBGP) funds received through the Lincoln / Lancaster County Metropolitan Planning Organization competitive programming and selection process and Impact Fees.

In April 2019, the City of Lincoln voters approved a six-year, ¼ cent sales tax to be used for street improvements and construction (aka – Lincoln on the Move funding). The ballot language directed 1.5% to be apportioned for the 33rd and Cornhusker project in conjunction with the Railroad Transportation Safety District (RTSD) agency funding. The proposed allocation represents 1.5% of the anticipated Lincoln on the Move (LOTM) revenue. In the out years, the vast majority of the new revenue will continue to be allocated for this project, but the exact percentage may be subject to variation based on the project recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Transportation (ACT) and public input. The collection of this revenue will end October 1, 2025 which is why the amount is reduced in the last year of this CIP.

Lincoln on the Move

"Unknown" funding (UNKN) is that amount identified by the Lincoln on the Move Citizen's Transportation Coalition that remains yet unfunded, yet necessary to accomplish the goals of the Community’s Long-Range Transportation Plan and associated priority of optimizing the existing transportation system.