Comprehensive Watershed Master Plan


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Project Overview

In late 2020, the City of Lincoln, in partnership with the Lower Platte South NRD, initiated the development of a Comprehensive Watershed Master Plan (Master Plan). The Master Plan will be a compilation of all previously completed watershed master plans, ranging from the Beal Slough Plan adopted in 2001 to the North Salt Creek Watershed Plan adopted in 2018.

Existing Watershed Master Plans

Once approved, the Master Plan will replace all of Lincoln’s existing watershed master plans and be adopted as a subarea plan to the Lincoln/Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan.

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Master Planned Basins

Project Tasks and Goals

Watershed data, models, and characteristics from the 14 prior individual watershed master plans will be reviewed and cataloged. From this effort, an updated and prioritized list of proposed projects will be created.

In addition to the identified projects, which will guide future investments, the Master Plan will also:

  • Review and map minimum stream corridors.
  • Review grade control needs and recommended guidance.
  • Review and analysis the Community Rating System to maintain or reduce flood insurance costs.
  • Develop protocol for urban drainage asset management (urban storm drainage pipe network).
  • Develop data standards for long term management and information integration.

Collectively, the anticipated outcomes of this project will:

  • Prioritize short- and long-term initiatives.
  • Facilitate effective coordination and efficient allocation of resources (staff time, budget, etc.).
  • Save residents and businesses money through reducing flood insurance costs.
  • Guide the community in ensuring public safety and health.
  • Aid in reducing potential property damage from flooding impacts.

Project Schedule

The comprehensive watershed planning effort began in November 2020.

  • November 2020: Project Kick-off
  • November 2020 – February 2021: Data Discovery and GIS Integration
  • February 2021 – May 2021: Project Identification and Prioritization Criteria
  • May 2021 – August 2021: Technical Analysis
  • August 2021: Technical Advisory Committee Meeting #1
  • August 2021 – January 2022: Develop Recommendations and Plan Writing
  • December 2021: Technical Advisory Committee Meeting #2
  • December 2021 – August 2022: Assemble Final Plan
  • August 2022: Open House
  • Plan adoption by City of Lincoln, Lancaster County, and Lower Platte South NRD

Community Involvement

Technical Advisory Committee

The project team assembled a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to provide technical oversight, as well as help ensure the plan’s final recommendations reflect public input provided in past and current efforts. Members of the TAC include:

  • Larry Legg Lancaster County Engineering
  • Pam Dingman Lancaster County Engineering
  • Andrew Thierolf Planning Department
  • Dallas McGee Urban Development
  • Marc Rosso LTU Project Delivery
  • Zach Becker LTU Asset Management and Performance
  • JJ Yost Lincoln Parks and Recreation
  • Terry Kathe Building & Safety
  • Chris Schroeder Health Department
  • Mark Hosking County Emergency Management
  • Adele Phillips NeDNR, Floodplain Management
  • Jared Nelson Lower Platte South NRD
  • Tim Zach LTU Watershed

The TAC met two times during the project, first in August 2021 and again in December 2021.

Public Input

The Lincoln community was invited to review the draft Master Plan and learn more about the efforts made to reduce flood risks, stabilize streams, and improve water quality across our city. Specific project updates were also available for the Southeast Upper Salt Creek Basin, located in the vicinity of Yankee Hill Road between South 70th Street and the South Beltway.

Public Meeting Open House

Tuesday, August 9, 2022 • 5 to 7 p.m. Cavett Elementary School (Multipurpose Room) 7701 South 36th Street

Meeting Handout  (PDF, 670KB) Meeting Invitation  (PDF, 168KB)

Project Contacts

Members of the public and interested stakeholder are welcome to request information or provide comment at any time throughout the project by contacting Kevin Kruse or Tim Zach.

  • Kevin Kruse, Project Manager

    JEO Consulting Group
    Phone: 402-474-8759

  • Tim Zach, City Project Manager

    City of Lincoln, LTU Watershed Management
    Phone: 402-441-7589