Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need an Executive Order?

Private construction agreements require an Executive Order because the work is performed in the public right of way and the City needs to give the builder permission to install and construct improvements. The improvements will be used by the public and later will be maintained by the City, so they must meet certain engineering standards. Because the sureties posted exceed $25K, the Mayor must approve the contract.

Where can I find the outstanding Performance and Warranty Bonds? How do I find out if my surety has been released?

The Finance Warranty Bonds can be viewed on Planning’s website at

You can search by Project Name, Developer Name, Bank Name and Responsible Department. Recently we have expanded the online Finance Warranty Bond search to include projects initiated by Private Construction Agreements with Transportation and Utilities. Those items are not necessarily tied to the Planning process. Please note that PCA work that is a requirement of a Planning process (for example a Final Plat) will be included in both data sets. Planning process records are shaded in yellow to distinguish them from the PCA records.

Questions about Planning records should still be directed to Missy Minner at 402-441-6163. For questions about the Transportation and Utilities data, please contact Victoria Keating at 402-441-7558.

What are Impact Fees and why do I have to pay them?

The Impact Fee Ordinance was implemented on June 3, 2003 and applies to all of the territory within the corporate city limits of the City of Lincoln. Impact fees are charges levied against new construction, changes in land use, or an increase in water meter size to help generate revenue to build new infrastructure needed because of development. Every building permit submitted to the city is subject to the Impact Fee Ordinance.

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Who do I contact for questions about constructing a new sidewalk?

New Construction:

Property owners or builders are responsible for constructing sidewalk adjacent to properties where sidewalks do not currently exist. In new subdivisions, sidewalks are normally required on both sides of all streets as well as adjacent arterial streets.

Curb cut and sidewalk design contact:
Brion Perry, Plan Examiner II – 402-480-8559
Sidewalk inspection:
Greg Edwards, Chief Building Inspector – 402-441-6423

Existing Neighborhoods:

In older areas of Lincoln, sidewalks may be ordered constructed by the City Council when a sidewalk is identified.

Sidewalks in existing neighborhoods contact:
Sidewalk Section – 402-441-7541

Who do I contact for questions about repairing a sidewalk?

Transportation and Utilities – Sidewalk Section
949 West Bond Street, Suite 200 Lincoln, NE 68521 Phone number: 402-441-7541

Who do I contact for a curb cut?

A curb cut is a break in a curb allowing access from the roadway and across the sidewalk to a legal parking space within the property line. The Building and Safety Department permit process ensures that curb cuts comply with the rules as stated in LMC Chapter 14.75.

To apply for a Curb Cut Permit:
Permit Information and Application Form
Curb cut and sidewalk design contact:
Brion Perry, Plan Examiner II – 402-480-8559
Curb cut scheduling contact (once a permit has been approved)
Lincoln Transportation and Utilities – 402-441-7701

How do I find out if my project qualifies for TIF (Tax Increment Financing)?

As the Redevelopment Authority for the City of Lincoln, the Urban Development Department works to encourage private investment in projects that strengthen Lincoln in both economic and "brick and mortar" aspects. The redevelopment tools available to the City, are defined by the State of Nebraska's Community Development Law.

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Hallie Salem, Urban Development Manager 402-441-7866

How can I convert a private street to public?

Conversion of a private street to public begins in the planning department.

Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Department
555 S. 10th Street, Suite 213 Lincoln, NE 68508 402-441-7491

How do I get my street/alley paved?

Paving your street or alley will require the establishment of a Special Assessment District. This process begins with the LTU Transportation Division.

949 Bond Street, Suite 200 Lincoln, NE 68521 402-441-7711

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How do I get a new access point approved?

To get a new access point approved, the process begins with Building and Safety with a curb cut permit.

Apply for a Curb Cut Permit:
Permit Information and Application Form
Building & Safety

Can I put a drain through the curb?

To receive approval to install a drain through a curb you need to contact the DSC at 402-441-7558.

Where do I find guidelines for developing my plans and how do I submit them?

Please review the checklists for plan review on the Private Construction Agreement page.

How long will plan review take?

Executive Order plan review typically takes 2 weeks. Any questions please contact:

Brion Perry, Plan Examiner II 402-480-8559

May I bring my plans in and have a pre-submission consultation with you?

Yes, the staff are happy to preview plans prior to submission. Please contact Brion or Kent to set up a time!

Brion Perry, Plan Examiner II 402-480-8559

Who do I contact with questions about design and plan review?

Brion Perry, Plans Examiner II 402-480-8559

When can I start construction?

Once the plans for proposed construction are approved the city will send a notification to the owner/developer.

Please notify the Right of Way Management section (402-441-7558) as soon as possible with the contractor contact information and the approximate construction start date. Your contractor should notify the Project Manager (402-525-3285) at least 48 hours prior to construction so that the necessary surveys and inspection may be arranged.

If you receive paper copies and need additional prints, or have any questions with regard to the proposed construction phase, please contact Victoria at 402-441-7558 or by email at

Please NOTE: The plans are provided for the owner/developer use, however, if during surveying and construction, errors, omissions, or discrepancies are discovered, the Engineer for the City will return the plans to the original designer for complete revisions before allowing work to continue.


Victoria Keating 402-441-7558

Raitis Tigeris 402-525-3285

Who do I contact if there are discrepancies on plans in the field?

Brion Perry, Plan Examiner II 402-480-8559

What information does the inspector need to turn in? What receipts or paperwork do we need to keep in the field?

Please refer to the Construction Management Guides, which the City of Lincoln has developed for construction inspectors assigned to LTU projects.

Can I have a manhole moved?

Removing or constructing a new manhole requires going through the Executive Order process.

Manholes standards are outlined in the City of Lincoln Standard Specifications for Municipal Construction.

When does my warranty begin?

The warranty period begins on the date the Final Completion Letter is drafted and sent to the Developer.

Who do I contact with questions about the construction and inspection process for my project?

Construction Inspection Agent
Raitis Tigeris, Senior Engineering Technician 402-525-3285