Active Transportation and Micromobility

Active transportation shifts people away from personal vehicle usage towards walking, bicycling and other forms of non-motorized travel. Users are more inclined to participate in active transportation when infrastructure is safely and sufficiently provided throughout their communities. The City of Lincoln is fortunate to offer several active transportation amenities like our expansive trail network that provides connections to different parts of the city, various on-street bicycle facilities including Nebraska’s first protected bike lane running along “N” Street in downtown Lincoln, and our very own bike share program (BikeLNK).

The City is also invested in shared micromobility as a viable transportation alternative to driving. Shared micromobility refers to lightweight, low speed devices such as bikes, electric bikes and electric scooters that are utilized to complete first/last mile trips or used to connect between other modes of transit.

In Lincoln, we have two shared micromobility programs that support the City’s goals of: 1) providing multimodal transportation options for enhanced mobility; 2) creating livable and connected neighborhoods; and 3) maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Those two programs are BikeLNK, a bikeshare program that has been in operation since 2018 and ScooterLNK, a scooter pilot program set to launch on September 1, 2020. Overall, these two shared micromobility programs not only connect users to existing transit networks but also provide an affordable alternative to driving.

For More Information

Please contact Roberto Partida, Transportation Planner, LTU Traffic Engineering, at for more information.