Temporary Guide Signs

Rules, Regulations and Permit Application

Download Temporary Guide Sign Permit Application Temporary Guide Sign Permit Application (PDF, 84KB)

In order to help businesses communicate with their customers during construction projects that affect traffic and access, the City of Lincoln allows businesses to post temporary guide signs on City right-of-way. In most cases, this right-of-way is the land adjacent to the street curb.

For safety reasons, certain rules and regulations need to be followed in order to obtain permission to use these signs on public right-of-way. Sign designs and locations must be approved by the Department of Transportation and Utilities. Formal approval is granted through a permit application process. Once you are familiar with the rules and regulations, fill out the Temporary Guide Sign Permit Application Form(PDF, 84KB) and submit it to the contact listed on the form.

Your permit application signifies that you have read and agree to follow these rules. City staff may remove or relocate – without notice – any signs found to be in violation of these rules.

Sign Design

There are many local businesses that can assist you in producing temporary guide signs. They are listed under “Signs” in the Yellow Pages. When designing your signs, be sure to adhere to these below guidelines:

  • The signs may display the name and/or logo of a specific business or the descriptive name of a business area. Groups of businesses are encouraged to coordinate single sign designs to reduce clutter and driver sight obstructions.
  • The signs may also incorporate routing advice in the form of a directional arrow or a brief phrase such as “open to.”
  • Signs shall not resemble any official traffic control device.
  • Signs shall not attempt to regulate the movement of traffic.
  • Signs shall not route traffic onto residential streets.
  • Signs shall be either the “real estate” style with a metal frame or shall consist of a sign plate bolted to a channel post. Examples are listed below.
  • Signs mounted on channel posts shall be positioned at least 7 feet above the nearest street curb. Real-estate style signs with metal frames shall not exceed 30" in height above the nearest street curb.
  • Minimum sign face dimension shall be 12" by 18". Maximum sign face dimension shall be 24" by 30".
  • Signs shall not utilize any reflectorized material.

Sign Placement

  • Prior to penetrating the ground with any post or sign support, you must notify the Diggers Hotline of Nebraska at 1-800-331-5666 so that all underground utilities are marked or cleared.
  • Signs shall be positioned a minimum of 2 feet behind the curb.
  • Signs shall not obstruct or block any traffic control signage, such as stop signs or speed limit signs.
  • Signs shall not obstruct or block drivers' vision of oncoming traffic or pedestrians as drivers exit driveways or adjoining roadways.
  • Signs will not be approved for use on the public street right-of-way if the same business or business area has a guide sign on the adjacent private property.
  • Signs shall not be mounted on any barricade or traffic control device.
  • Signs shall not be permitted on any street median or traffic island.
  • Signs shall be removed within two days of the resumption of normal traffic through the construction area, or they will be removed by the Department of Transportation and Utilities for disposal.

Examples of acceptable signs:

  • Channel post signChannel post sign
  • “Real estate” style - metal frame“Real estate” style - metal frame
  • Brief phrase indicating routeBrief phrase indicating route