Drainage Criteria Manual

February 2000

Revised May 10, 2004 (Chapters 1 and 10)
Revised June 21, 2007 (Chapter 9)
Revised January 27, 2014 (Chapter 8)

Documents in PDF format.

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Cover (29 K)

Chapter 4 – Design of Culverts (1.24 M)

Chapter 5 – Open Channels (1.57 M)

Chapter 8 – Stormwater Best Management Practices (1.07 M)

Chapter 10 – Flood Design Criteria for New Growth Areas (373 K)

Disclaimer: The official DCM is a numbered copy in a three ring binder available from Transportation and Utilities at 949 West Bond Street, Ste. 200, Lincoln, NE. The following digital copy of the City of Lincoln DCM is intended to only serve as a reference. Efforts were made to ensure that the digital copy is the same as the numbered copies, however the digital copy is not an official copy of the DCM.


Proposed Flood and Water Quality Protection Manual