INOI / Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for Individual Lots

Prior to beginning construction activity, authorization through an INOI permit is required for erosion and sediment control of individual lots (mostly residential) that are part of a larger common plan of development (subdivision).

Registration Process

1. Create Citizen Access Account

Applicants who do not have an existing user account/registration through the Citizen Access web based Accela portal will be required to apply for an account. A valid email address is required to utilize the on-line submittal system and to receive the authorization. Failure to fill out all required fields will result in an incomplete submission and the application will not be accepted.

2. Request INOI License

After Citizen Access account registration is complete, all applicants (both new and existing users) must also separately notify Watershed Management via email that they are requesting an INOI license. The email should be sent to, with a subject of "INOI License Request," and the company name and phone number included in the message body. Users should receive an email notification stating their company's INOI license is available within two business days.

NOTE: After obtaining the INOI license, the applicant will no longer need to email Watershed Management when requesting an INOI Permit. Applicants who have not received an email notification stating their company's INOI license is available within two business days should contact Watershed Management at

INOI Permit Application Process

Once the applicant's INOI license has been approved via an email message from Watershed Management, applicants can begin applying for new INOI Permits. The application is available on the LTU tab of the Citizen Access web based Accela portal.

Upon City approval, an authorization letter will be sent to the email address provided on the application stating that earth disturbing activities are authorized for the address filed. The authorization letter can then be printed or shown via electronic device at the Building and Safety counter when applying for the Building Permit.

Please allow at least two business days for processing of the INOI permit prior to applying for a Building Permit.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Watershed Management at


NOI / SWPPP for Development Sites One Acre or Greater