Pedestrian/Bicycle Advisory Committee



To provide advice and recommendations to the Mayor, the City Council and Parks and Recreation Department on the development of a comprehensive plan or a bicycle and pedestrian network.

The committee advises the Mayor, City Council and the Department of Parks & Recreation on the development of a comprehensive plan for bicycle and pedestrian network. The group also makes recommendations on the location, needs, designs, safety, and development of policies relating to the use of trails and routes.


  • Dale Arp
  • Gary Bentrup
  • Mark Coleman
  • Barb Fraser
  • Connor Herbert
  • Delrae Hirschman
  • Candice Howell
  • Sarah Knight
  • Mauricio Lang
  • Nate Lowry, Chair
  • Jordan Messerer
  • Susan Larson Rodenburg
  • Conan Schafer
  • Bulent (Paul) Tunakan, Vice Chair


Number of Members: 14

Members Required for a Quorum: 8

Length of Term: 3 years

Term Limit: None

Minutes and Agendas

January:  Cancelled, lack of agenda items

February:  Agenda(PDF, 144KB)  |  Minutes(PDF, 118KB)

March: Cancelled, lack of agenda items Update Notes(PDF, 60KB)

April:  Agenda(PDF, 140KB)