Stransky Dog Run at Peterson Park


The Stranksy Dog Run at Peterson Park includes a 2.55 acre space for large dogs and a one-acre area for small dogs.


  • 2.5 acres of large dog off- leash play area
  • 1 acres of small dog off-leash play area
  • Covered restroom near run entrance
  • Ample Parking
  • Water fountain (Seasonal) for Humans and Dogs
  • Improved walking trails
  • Wide open flat spaces for dogs to run and stay in sight
  • ADA Accessible and Handicap concrete parking space

Dog Park Rules and Regulations

  • Pets, other than dogs, are not permitted in a dog park.
  • A person bringing a dog to a dog park must have a leash available at all times. A dog must be kept on a leash until it is inside the dog park. A dog must be placed on a leash before it may be taken outside of the dog park.
  • Notwithstanding the fact that a dog may be off leash in a dog park, a dog must be under the control of the person in charge of the dog and must be in view of that person at all times.
  • Per dog park rules and city ordinance, dog handlers must dispose of dog feces properly and immediately. Excrement must be promptly and completely picked up and properly disposed of by the person or persons who brought or allowed the animal into the facility.
  • Human food is not permitted within dog parks. However, dog treats are permitted.
  • The person in charge of a dog is responsible for any damage to the dog park caused by the dog. Holes dug by a dog must be filled in and any turf damage must be repaired.
  • The person in charge of a dog in a dog park is responsible for any injury to any person or other dog caused by that person's dog.
  • Any person in charge of a dog in a dog park must comply with all posted rules and regulations.
  • Any person engaged in any activity assumes all risks associated with such activity and is liable for any damage or injury caused by said activity.
  • Dogs are not permitted in a dog park when the dog park is closed or outside of the posted days and hours of operation for the dog park. Dogs are not permitted in a dog park when the dog park is dark and unlighted. Park curfews apply.


4401 Southwood Drive, Lincoln 68502  View Map

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