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Peter Pan Park Conversion Project

Notice of availability of draft proposal description and environmental screening form/environmental assessment land and water conservation fund.

Purpose of Notice 

The proposal involves a federal action to transfer protection of park and recreation uses from property located at 939 N. 33RD Street (Peter Pan Park, which is generally located between 30th-33rd Streets between Overland Trail and W Streets) to property located at 1701 Folkways Boulevard (the northeast area of this parcel, near the intersection of N. 18th Street and Folkways Boulevard). The purpose of this notice is to provide for the exchange of information and seek public comment regarding the effect of the proposal on the community. This purpose is in accordance with and pursuant to the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act, Section 6(f)(3), and 36 CFR 59.3 Conversion Requirements.

Project Description

Recreational improvements at Peter Pan Park were funded in part using a 1973 Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant.  Section 6(f)(3) of the LWCF Act requires that grant-funded project areas be protected for public outdoor recreation use in perpetuity.

The City Lincoln currently licenses a small area of Peter Pan Park to a nonprofit organization.  This agreement allows the nonprofit to fence off a small area of the park for an outdoor play space used by a Head Start Program operated out of an adjacent building.  Because this fenced-off area is no longer available to the general public, the City of Lincoln proposes to remove the federal LWCF protection from this area (approximately 2,550 square feet) of Peter Pan Park.  The rest of Peter Pan Park (except for the northwest corner) will remain protected by Land and Water Fund restrictions.

This removal of federal protection and transfer of such protection to another location is referred to as “conversion” of the property.  The area from which federal protection is removed is referred to as the “conversion property.”

Park land and recreational use will be replaced by transferring federal protection to a planned neighborhood park at the corner of N. 18th Street and Folkways Boulevard.  The area to which federal protection is transferred is referred to as the “replacement property.” Conversion of protected parkland requires adequate replacement of the displaced site and use and preparation of an Environmental Assessment (EA).  The replacement property is located approximately 4 miles to the north and west of Peter Pan Park.   This new neighborhood park will be approximately 35,000 square feet in size and will include playground equipment, a half basketball court, and an open lawn area that can be used as a playfield.  These proposed uses will exceed those uses that were displaced on the conversion site. 


Public Comment Period

The National Park Service (NPS) is the federal agency responsible for compliance with the LWCF Act, and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission administers the LWCF grant program on behalf of NPS. The City of Lincoln is issuing this public notice to encourage public review and comment on the proposed project and its probable impacts.

The Draft Proposal Description and Environmental Screening Report/Environmental Assessment can be found above and is also available for review at 3131 O Street, Suite 300.  Comments will be accepted beginning June 2, 2021 until 4:30p.m., on July 17, 2021. Submit written comments to the following address:   Special Projects Administrator, Lincoln Parks & Recreation, 3131 O Street, Suite 300, Lincoln, NE  68510 or via email to dpearce@lincoln.ne.gov.

All comments received prior to 4:30pm on July 17, 2021, will be considered in the formulation of final determinations regarding the proposal.